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Repair ‘Base Filtering Engine (BFE) Service’

June 20, 2013

Many users have recently reported a malfunction of their firewalls, either Windows incorporated or a third party. While you start your Antivirus for scanning and fixing purposes, it displays with an error code 0x80070424. This error indicates the loss of ‘Base Filtering Engine (BFE) Service’. This service is essential for the functioning of most of the firewalls. In its absence, the AVs are not able to perform filtering processes to identify and eliminate the threats.

 Repair ‘Base Filtering Engine (BFE) Service’

Base Filtering Engine service exists as a key in the Windows Registry, and the reason for its failure is its disability or deletion from the Windows registry. It is caused due to some kind of malware, which specifically attack the BFE service as a first step of infection. This may also be caused by installing two different and conflicting security services that leave BFE key vulnerable to an open environment.


Moreover, an infected BFE may stop the process of automatically upgrading your applications, as the updating also requires filtering engine services to be active.


Reviving BFE


To revive Base Filtering Engine Service, you need a BFE registry file. You can download this key either by searching it as BFE.reg in Google, or by importing it from another computer. Following are the instructions to recover the key.


Download and Install registry file

  • Click here to download the registry file
  • Upon completion, double click the registry file to Launch
  • The BFE key is now imported to your Windows Registry
  • Reboot your operating system.


Setting up Username and Permissions

  • Now press Windows key
  • Type ‘regedit’ and hit Enter, to open Registry Editor
  • Navigate to BFE key, via following path
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\BFE
  • Right click the BFE key, and go to Permissions…
  • Click Add to create a new group or username
  • Name this group as ‘Everyone’
  • Select to highlight the newly created username
  • In the subsequent box, naming Permissions for CREATOR OWNER, select Full Control
  • Check the checkbox under the field Allow
  • Click OK to exit


Starting the services

  • Now press the Windows key again
  • Type ‘services.msc’ and hit Enter, to open Services menu
  • Locate Base Filtering Engine in the list
  • Right click on it and choose Start to get it running
  • Now locate Windows Firewall in the same services list
  • Right click on it and choose Start to get it running


While modifying your windows registry, you must be highly cautious, as a single fault may cause a serious failure. Before editing your registry, read the instructions very carefully and do not interrupt any key that you are not aware of. After carrying out the above procedure successfully, you need to refresh your registry by scanning for the existing errors, and fixing them (if any). For carrying this out, you can easily search for and download best free registry cleaner.

Thanks very much for this detailed and step by step process on how to recover BFE. This was really helpful.